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Josephine Li


Josephine Li is part of the Class of 2026. She was born in Guangzhou, China, and has lived in a variety of cities including Shenzhen, Cincinnati Ohio, and Mclean Virginia. Now, she is a boarder at the Madeira School, an all girl's boarding school in Virginia that is very close to Washington D.C. As a freshman, she has completed Precalculus Honors, AP Micro Economics and has participated in several Literature Writing Contests. Now, as an upcoming sophomore, she plans to challenge herself with AP Calculus BC and AP Macro Economics. She is part of the Varsity tennis team, the cofounder of the Madeira Speakers Club, and a member of the Business and Economics Club as well as the GSA club. She also dances ballet and plays piano. As she wholeheartedly devotes herself to enriching the learning experience of our students, Josephine's relentless efforts in expanding the reach and impact of the NGO fuel her passion for tutoring.

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