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Agastya is not just an organization, it is a movement. A movement in the grassroots of India that aims to transform the education system by promoting experience among underprivileged children and teachers. It is these children, teachers and communities who are at the helm of the movement, propelling the wheels and carving its path.

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With a mission to spark curiosity, nurture creativity and instill confidence, Agastya runs one of the largest hands-on science and art education programs in the world. While Acharya Initiative — our teacher training program — equips teachers from government schools with tools to take hands-on learning into their classrooms, we are redefining the traditional student-teacher relationship through the Young Instructor Leader peer-to-peer learning program. Agsatya is also enabling children in areas with limited internet access to thrive in today’s technology-driven world by way of our digital programs.



Agastya USA [(501(c)3 ] backs the noble mission of Agastya International Foundation by raising awareness and mobilising financial support, so education can be made accessible to all children, irrespective of their economic and social backgrounds.


We will work to create a digital literacy program for Agastya’s teachers, which will help them learn how to use technology in the classroom. This program will then be passed on to their students. We will also help provide funding to their Operation Vasantha, which aims at teaching underprivileged students who are forced to drop out of school. Agastya will help us make a STEM curriculum to teach our own students. 

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