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Our Tutoring

“This tutoring class was amazing because if I ever had a quiz, or a test, I would get a good grade because I studied well with the tutors. I got help on Homework when I did not understand, and they would explain it very well. So I really recommend this class if you need help understanding math, or help studying for tests because it is REALLY worth it.“

– Our student who took advantage of our math course

Our Courses

Academic Advancements offers a variety of classes, each one guaranteed to be affordable, flexible, catered to every child’s needs! Our tutors make sure that your child learns in a friendly environment, where they are not afraid to ask questions and are further supported from our sponsor AoPS! Here, are 28 different courses ranging from:​


Essay Writing, Grammar, Spelling

Test Prep




Violin, Piano, Drums, etc


3rd Grade to Precalculus

Sponsored by AoPS



Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Computer Science

Language & Arts

Chinese, Visual Arts

What Makes Us Unique

Derivation vs Memorization

Most tutoring centers and schools only teach students to memorize the concept. Academic Advancements teaches the derivation, helping students understand the WHY behind everything.


Our tutors can cater to child’s work and extra-curricular schedule and needs as best as we can, allowing for more flexible arrangements and rescheduling of lessons with early notice. 

Low Stress & Supportive

Our student-on-student learning means a supportive environment where your child won’t feel pressured but feel encouraged to take on challenges and ask questions!

Our Sponsors

With our Sponsor AoPS Beast Academy, your child will get free access to one of the best online math learning programs in the world and all its resources when learning with us.

Tutor Qualifications


All of our SAT tutors have scored 1500+ on the SAT as sophomores or juniors of high school


50% of our mathematics tutors qualify for AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination)



All the tutors have at least a GPA of 3.8.


All tutors are enrolled in honors or AP courses for math and science


All of our tutors are musicians and/or in visual artists and programming.


Our tutors have a wide range of talents from athletics to academics, and we can guarantee a high level of education to your children.

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