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Our Mission

We are a student-led NGO committed to fulfilling the United Nations’ fourth sustainability goal, quality education. Academic Advancements is focused on elevating the education of underprivileged students through tutoring and partnerships. Their education is compromised by a lack of income and financial stability, and we directly provide aid to families on a regular basis, covering their tuition and other educational expenses.

Why We Need Academic Advancements

Many families and children in India have been impacted negatively in a multitude of ways: Loss of parents and source of income due to complications of COVID, loss of access to education, and more. In Pattapur, India, thousands of children have lost their parents, and older siblings had to take on the overwhelming family responsibilities. Children cry, “‘Mother, When Will You Come?.” (NY Times) No children should have to face this traumatic and tough life. No children should sacrifice their own education at an avoidable expense, casting a dark shadow on their future.


Academic Advancements bridges the gap for these children’s education: 

  1. We provide financial aid and raise awareness for impoverished families.

  2. Enhance our local community with affordable online tutoring from highly qualified volunteers

Academic Advancements is a certified 501(c)(3) organization, and we promise every penny is invested into our cause. We work towards increasing our coverage, ensuring quality education is a guarantee, not a privilege.

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