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Our Stories & Posts

Keep up to date with us with our stories and posts where you can learn more about our recent endeavors in supporting the opportunities and the education of unprivileged children.

Friday Night ESL

Every Friday night, our own tutors (Ryan Mou and Anthony Morales) support and teach English to local adults with English as their second language. With our learning, they are secured an opportunity for various paths of success. We are eager to continue this service and promote education for all.


$1500 Dollar Tablet Donation

In May of 2022, we donated $1500 worth of tablets to students at Bright Futures. Along with many of our provided lessons in various topics of STEM, taught by Angad Singh, Savir Singh, and Aarav Bhardwaj, we believe that this will be a great support to their learning in Computer Science.

aat panera flyer.png

Panera Bread Funraiser

We partnered with Panera Bread, an established chain restaurant, to fundraise for the education of underprivileged kids! We arranged shuttle buses for students to travel to Panera, and 20% of all Panera sales went towards our cause.

aat panera flyer.png
aat panera flyer.png

Quarterfinalist - Ashoka x Taco Bell Foundation Ambition Accelerator 

We proudly announce ourselves as Quarter-finalists in the Ambition Accelerator competition hosted by Ashoka and the Taco Bell Foundation!

aat panera flyer.png

$5200 Book Donation

In the summer of 2022, we provided $5200 in funds to Agastya International Foundation as part of our partnership to produce and distribute 5000 Acti-Learn books to underprivileged students in India. 

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