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Our NGO Pledge & Plan

By the end of the summer of 2023, Academic Advancements will be continuously supporting the education of 100 families. These families are unable to financially provide for their children in India. Our support will come in the form of financial aid. Every month, we promise to cover the school tuition of the children in affected families. By providing financial support for their education, we hope to enrich all their education and impact their life - meeting UN’s fourth sustainability goal, quality education. 

We reach these families in India through local connections, and financially support them through the transfer of money via Bank Transfer and XOOM, a PayPal service. Each family varies slightly in the needed financial aid to cover for their child’s education, so our donations typically range from 750 INR to 2200 INR per family every month. Receipt of transfer, information on the families, and receipt of purchases on the family side will also be recorded to ensure the money is going into their children’s education, which is key. 

To financially carry out our pledge, we seek to raise a targeted fund of $50000 USD. We plan to achieve this by raising $10000 through our tutoring service and $40000 more through other means of fundraising. 

How Will We Achieve This?


Continuously reaching out to more families in India, Korea, Taiwan and other countries around the world.


Promotion of Academic Advancements and our cause to corporations and on social media to raise awareness


Grow our tutoring service through local outreach to schools and families in, but not limited to, New Jersey.


An ever-expanding team of dedicated students and tutors of various backgrounds  from elite schools like Peddie​

Financial Aid

Ensuring financial aid is given and received monthly to the students benefiting from our tutoring and NGO service











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