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Rules & Regulations

Below is the list of rules and regulations for our classes that tutors at Academic Advancements and the family of the student will abide to. If there are any concerns, please contact us.


If the student does not show up after 10 minutes, we possess the right to cancel and reschedule the session.


Cancellations or reschedules made by the parents and/or student must be confirmed the day before the class.


Payments must be collected by the end of each month. If there are any delays, you could be subject to a small fee. 


(Payments should be made through Paypal, Friends and Family option preferred.)


All proceeds including class fees and additional payments, go to charity.


We reserve the right to record the lesson. Recordings will and must be shared with student, and will not be posted anywhere else without the consent of the family of the student.


Our tutors will respond within 24 hours.


We reserve the right to deny our service if the student does not comply with the rules listed above.

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