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Our Courses

All classes will use Zoom. Discord will be used as a communication tool between students and tutors. We are able to provide tutoring across a wide variety of subjects listed below. We also provide both 1 on 1 and small group lessons:

  • For group lesson, you can click on a specific course to learn more about the course, including important dates, course outline, and more.

  • For individual sessions, The first class for a student is a trial class, and is always free!

  • Classes will be taught based on the NJ Common Core curriculum. Extra help is also available.


If your child needs extra support for school work, then our excellent tutors will assist your child with his/her homework. If your child wishes to get ahead of school, our tutors willl provide the necessary resources to do so. We will try our best to teach what your child wishes to learn, that is our fundamental goal as a tutoring service.

We will cater to your child’s needs.

Our Classes


2nd Grade Math - $12.00 per lesson 3rd Grade Math - $12.00 per lesson 4th Grade Math - $12.00 per lesson 5th Grade Math - $12.00 per lesson 6th Grade Math - $12.00 per lesson Pre-algebra - $12.00 per lesson Algebra 1 - $12.00 per lesson Algebra 2 - $12.00 per lesson Geometry - $12.00 per lesson Precalculus - $12.00 per lesson Calculus - $12.00 per lesson

Math Notebook and Calculator


Chinese (Simplified) - $12.00 per lesson Spanish - $12.00 per lesson

Chalkboard with Different Languages


Essay Writing - $12.00 per lesson Grammar & Writing - $12.00 per lesson Spelling - $12.00 per lesson

Teaching English


Physics/AP Physics 1 - $12.00 per lesson Biology - $12.00 per lesson 8th Grade Chemistry Prep - $12.00 per lesson Basics of C - $12.00 per lesson Learn Java - $12.00 per lesson How to Make an App with Swift - $12.00 per lesson


Test Prep

SAT Prep - $12.00 per lesson SSAT Prep - $12.00 per lesson AMC 8/10 Prep - $12.00 per lesson TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) - $12.00 per lesson

Students Taking Exams


Piano with Benjamin Joo - $12.00 per lesson Violin with Angel Xu - $12.00 per lesson Drums & Percussion with Brennan Sodano - $12.00 per lesson Guitar with Andy Zheng - $12.00 per lesson

Classical Music Players
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