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Bright Futures

Bright Futures is a school that focuses on supporting the education, health, and well-being of children suffering from poverty in India. Despite lacking the support and resources that they deserve, they continue to aim to spread love and joy and help these people in need without charge.

Students study, learn, and play in a safe, educational environment. They learn through educational toys and work together on activities. They learn through making art, and are given the opportunity to explore new interests.

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Original photos provided by Bright Futures

Bright Futures also leads physical activity classes for students of all ages. They host group workouts and exercises on the classroom terraces, and they have lessons in the pool where kids can learn to swim. Dance lessons are also conducted. Introducing new experiences will widen the horizons of children.

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Original photos provided by Bright Futures

Bright Futures also strives to support their children with all the necessary items for living and education. They provide warm jackets, backpacks, and stationary for all of their children without any cost. They also host fun activities such as Diwali and Christmas parties, with kids can have performances.

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aat bright future image 9.PNG
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Original photos provided by Bright Futures

Bright Futures has been a strong, growing NGO for the past 10 years, supporting hundreds of kids in India. However, they are still do not have all the support and funding they need to renovate their classrooms, provide resources, and create even more opportunities to the children who deserve them. They need your help, now. Through our lessons, you can help us fund them and raise awareness for this amazing organization.


We have already started tutoring 12 students from Bright Futures in basic computer skills essential for their future. As shown above, we have sent supplies, such as tablets to the students at Bright Futures to enhance their education.

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