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Shaurya Baruah

Co-Founder, Operations Lead, Tutor

Shaurya Baruah is a senior boarder attending the Peddie School. He grew up in Somerset, New Jersey. At AAT, Shaurya is a co-founder and the leader of Operations. He has supported Academic Advancements through the management of the tutoring sector, AAT Chapters, HR, and general operations. He has worked on impact projects including the Indian Family Donation Initiative, where he helped coordinate and support the educational costs of 50+ students in India, and the AAT China Initiative, where a group of tutors works with an underfunded school in China to provide online tutoring sessions to 60+ students. Shaurya has completed notable course work, including AP Physics C, AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science A, AP Statistics, and is currently taking AP Biology, AP US Government, and AP French. He is a member of the varsity wrestling team, and loves to lift in his free time. He is committed to advancing the impact of AAT to more regions across the globe.

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