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Yang Wang

Marketing Lead, Head of Website, AAT Chapters, Tutor

Yang Wang is a senior at the Peddie School, a private boarding school in New Jersey. At school, Yang has completed several advanced classes, such as AP Physics C, AP Calculus BC, Multivariable Calculus, and AP Music Theory. This year, Yang is challenging himself with AP Art History, Honors Studio Art, AP Bio, and Linear Algebra. Yang is also an active, important member of the Peddie Robotics team, a team that has consistently won every event they attended and recently became both two-time Mid Atlantic Region Champions and Division Winners at the Houston World Championships. Yang has a strong passion in both STEM and Visual Arts, and is planning to pursue both passions through architecture. Yang has been a part of AAT since day one, and continues to dedicate his time and effort to improving and managing the AAT website and expanding the organization.

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