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Boys and Girls Club Partnership

On May 20th, the team at Academic Advancements travelled to the Boys and Girls Club of Mercer County to help their Super Saturday program. This partnership and session was led by Ming Wang '24, and he was joined by Saanvi Gudapati '26 and Gino Murillo '26. Our goal in this collaboration is to spark student's interest in learning through interactive and exciting activities.

We travelled to BCG's learning center in Trenton, NJ. From 2:00pm - 4:00pm, we offered a STEM Workshop: Bridge Building. Students learned the geometry behind bridges, including the important fact that triangles are the strongest shapes. Students learned about bridge trusses, and were challenged with building their own miniature bridge in 1 hour. The students meticulously planned and constructed their own bridges.

Our AAT members (Gino Murillo, Saanvi Gudapati, Ming Wang) leading the Super Saturday Program

We are proud to have engaged with over 30+ bright students from kindergarten to 8th grade, who successfully constructed their own bridges. Now you know who to ask to find out what geometric shape is the strongest and sturdiest!

We are proud to partner with BGC, and we look forward to new educational programs in the fall of 2023!

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