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Yachana Foundation

Yachana Foundation is focused on protecting the Amazon Forest and its people through multiple pillars: tourism, ecological, and social. Located in the heart of the Amazon, Yachana Foundation focuses on uplifting their local Amazon communities. Through their various programs, they give feelings of self-worth, comradery and provide physical and mental stimulation to those in need. 

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The Yachana Foundation gives back in numerous ways. They give the opportunity for people abroad to learn the cultures, customs, and biodiversity of the Amazon. Through their geotourism lodge, they help raise awareness for the endangered people and biodiversity within the Amazon. Most importantly, they give back to local Amazon communities by providing activities in our campus focused on agriculture, cooking, mechanics, and much more. Learn more about their various programs on their website and Facebook. 

Our First Lesson With Students in Ecuador, led by AAT'S Alexandra Simms '24 and Ming Wang '24

Working with Yachana, Academic Advancements will offer various virtual educational programs aimed to uplift the youth and provide valuable, life-changing opportunities - beginning with an 8-week English learning program. Yachana backs their initiative by gathering local Amazonian students who usually face barriers to education (accessibility, transportation, family or personal disturbances) to their campus or over Zoom, where they offer an equipped classroom for these eager students to learn in. 

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