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$1500 Tablet Donation + Tutoring

In early 2022, Academic Advancements first partnered with Bright Futures, a nonprofit school in India that works with children living in the slums of India. Coming into the partnership, the goal was to provide free tutoring and financial aid to children living in the slums of India, whom Bright Futures works with.

Students in India receiving their tablets with excitement!

Angad Singh and Savir Singh led an initiative to develop online tutoring curriculums for both computer literacy and engineering, which were taught in 8-week courses to Bright Futures kids with the help of Aarav Bhardwaj. Along with providing free tutoring, we also donated 10 tablets to these motivated students (combined value of $1500) to further their education and familiarize them with technology.

Students in India receiving their tablets with excitement!

Komal Rawla, CEO of Bright Futures, says that "The boys simply love [the tablets]. And they are submitting homework. They are all on google docs, and homework comes to me. So it was a really good gift, they use it for research and youtube videos for studies."

We are so thankful to Bright Futures for having the opportunity to work with their students! Follow us on Facebook to know how we will be using funds raised by you to elevate the education of underprivileged students.

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