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Panera Bread Fundraiser

On February 18th, 2023, we hosted our first in-person fundraiser at Panera Bread (394 Route 130 East Windsor, NJ 08520) between 4pm to 8pm. 20% of all sales made under our fundraiser were donated directly to support us!

Our flyer for the Panera Bread Fundraiser, designed by our own marketing team.

Attendees supported us through using FUND4U on online orders or presenting our fundraiser flyer at the cashier on in-person orders. Within those four hours, working with Peddie, we provided 2 buses to transport students of our community to and from school to Panera. We also partnered with Dr. Venanzi, the head of student life at Peddie, provided Panera for dorm food that Saturday night.

We are grateful to all attendees who have made their dinner that night a selfless act! We met a total sales of $1,346.90, generating $269.38 in funds for Academic Advancements!

Peddie students on their way to Panera Bread to fundraise!

Follow us on Facebook to know how we will be using funds raised by you to elevate the education of underprivileged students.

Special thanks to Lue Fang, Ming Wang, Eric Cho, Noelle Cha, Bohan Zheng, Dr. Venanzi, Mr. Harris, Mr. Gartner, and Mr. Truslow of Peddie for making this possible.

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